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  • Apps generated around data and processes
  • Communication and interactivity between apps
  • Team-driven and web-based for easy distribution
  • Databases built instantly around your data
  • No more fixed databases and ad-hoc fields
  • Report and weigh based on the right data
  • Provides the generated environment
    • Teams/roles, portals, and repositories
    • Database and application generator
  • Backend access for complete control
    • Layout managers, WIKIs, and CSS support
    • Web service access and published rights to all data
  • Secure socket layers and data encryption
  • Unlimited number of users, data tables, and records
  • Customized in-house installation tuned to requirements
    • WSSO, LDAP, etc.
  • Online and offline access
  • Smooth and fast manipulation
  • Utilize search to complete your records
  • Create tag fields to make instant connections
    • UPS, Fedex, maps, etc.
  • Connect fields and search based on your data
    • Select / deselect fields for instant results
    • Tag records with information from the web
  • Invite producers, publishers, and followers
  • Create pages of WIKIs empowered with your data
    • Collaborations, views, reports, and exports
  • Build a script with created pages
  • Publish, distribute, and track everything with ease
Creates the perfect environment
  • Upload spreadsheets and CSV files
  • Merge current databases and services
  • Build tables and fields from scratch with ease
  • Connect complex functionality with ease
  • Search → Listing → Edit
  • Query → Update → Email
  • Web-based access so there is nothing to install
  • Custom portals and application repository
  • Apps, data, and widgets accessed at a team level
  • All tables and data have built-in web services
  • Instant communication and interactivity of all data
  • Custom user interfaces built in any language or tool
  • Multiple regions for quality control
  • Data triggered actions, rights, and indexes
  • Unlimited records with SSL and key-based security
Custom development
Several installations available
  • Secure online access
  • Studio and/or development
  • Installed in eApps data center
  • Plug-and-play
  • Pre-configured server
  • Built to specification
  • Web-based application provider
    • Linux OS
    • MySQL database
    • JBoss application server
    • Wyaworks enterprise suite
  • Integrate with company's services
    • WSSO, LDAP, etc.
  • Environment chosen by company
    • Linux or Windows
    • MySQL or SQL server
    • JBoss or WebSphere
More info & contact
Requirement based pricing
  • Hosted intranet
  • Custom server
  • In-house
  • Wyaworks Studio
  • Development
  • Interpreter
  • Regions
  • Developer licenses
  • Online or in-house training
  • Custom developed applications
  • Maintenance contract
More info & contact
Ask a question or request more information